Krishna happens to be the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth to remove the sufferings of the people in distress. He himself declared in battle field of the Great Mahabharat War, that He incarnates on earth to uphold the grace of the Sadhus, the noble and righteous people and save the Dharma, the religion and to punish the Adharma and wicked, evil and disgraced. He also delivered the message that he himself is the God. From the earliest days in Indian civilization, Krishna has dominated innumerable legends, myths, miracles and adorations.

            As per the mythology, the Kansa was the incarnation of Kalanemi who fought with Vishnu at the time of war between Deva and Danava and subsequently churning of ocean. Kalanemi was killed by Vishnu and again brought back life by Sukracharya the Guru of demons. Kalanemi being tempted to take revenge, started tapasya and after hundreds years, Brahma favoured him with a boon with power not to be killed by any God, particularly by Bishnu. Later Kalanemi was born to Ugrasena’s queen Indumati who was raped by a demon Durmila. Ugrasena had nine sons and five daughters and Kansa was the eldest one. Ugrasena, son of the king Ahuka and his wife Kashya had another brother Devaka who had four sons and seven daughters. One of his daughters was Devaki.

           Kansa was a great wrestler and once he could impress Jarasandha the mighty king of Magadha by controlling his wild elephant Kubalayapidha holding it by trunk. Jarasandha was delighted at the strength of Kansa and married his two daughters Heti and Praheti to Kansa.

           Devaki was given over in marriage to Vasudeva, son of Sura alias Devamidha and wife Mahishi or Marisa and also a good friend of Kansa. After the marriage there was a grand procession in which Kansa was associated with other Yadavas. During the procession, a divine voice was heard by Kansa that the person to whom he is carrying will be killed by their eighth son. Listening to such divine voice, he immediately imprisoned Devaki and Vasudeva and dethroned his old father Ugrasena and become the king of Mathura.Kansa was a wicked person and always surrounded by the wicked ones. He was loving to identify himself as a Daitya but not as a jadava. As he was conscious of his past life, he become restless and made plans after plans to be more secured. So he killed all the infants born to Devaki and Basudeva one after another pounding them on the rock. The seventh conception of Devaki raised a little hope in Devaki. Yogamaya extracted the conception from the womb of Devaki and transplanted it in to the womb of Rohini, wife of Vasudeva who was staying with Nanda, the chief of Gopa or called Braja. On just the sixth day of conception a handsome and powerful son was born to Rohini called Balarama or Balabhadra. He was incarnation of Seshadeva or Ananta, the eternal serpent God, the elder brother of Krishna.

           Finally the eighth conception of Devaki was to be born in the month of Bhadrapada, on the eighth day of the black fortnight, in Rohini constellation, Harasana Yoga and Brusha Lagna and at the dead of the night. The whole universe was plunged to darkness, the Krishna incarnated a human infant as the only way of hope of distressed people. Vasudeva could recognized him and prayed as eternal lord. Krishan blessed him and requested to take him immediately to Gopa and exchange with the girl infant born to Nanda and Yasoda.

           According to Krishn’s maya , the illusion; all the guards were in deep sleep. All the doors were automatically opened. All the chain around Vasudev and Devaki were broken, Vasudev come out of prison, carrying Krishna over his head. Though it was pitch dark, the rain was pouring, lightening were flashing and thunder was roaring, but Vasudev could see everything around him like a bright morning. The self illuminating serpent of the Patal, the universe down the earth with his thousand hands followed crawling behind Vasudeva providing canopy over Krishna protecting him and his father. Similarly after birth of Krishna, in Braja or say Gopa, Yogamaya appeared from the womb of Yosada with her maya all the people were over-powered with sleep. Crossing the flooded river Yamuna Vasudev reached Gopa, exchanged his son Krishna with daughter of Yasoda and Nanda Jogamaya or Vijili Kanya and again returned to prison. Finally he placed the infant on the lap of Devaki.

The message of new born baby, the eight child of Devaki spread like a wildfire. Where the valorous Kansa was informed he rushed to prison. He become surprised seeing a female infant. Had it could be possible? Not a male , a female is to kill him! How could the destiny be changed! Finally he took a decision, may be male or female he is to kill the eighth child of Devaki. He snatched away the baby form Devaki’s arm and pounded her into the rock. But she slipped away from his hand and went to space with thundering voice, Oh Kansa, why are you killing me and torching Devaki? The person who will kill you has born incarnated in Gopa.

Kansa again was put in a fix. How to identify the baby and kill him? He took the help of Putana. She moved like a beautiful lady coating her breasts with deadly poison. She made a story of her own. As her infant is dead and breast are paining with loaded milk, she is moving pillar to post for breast feeding any child and release the pain.

           Nanda, when heard the news of the birth of a son at this old age become delighted. He summoned Brahmanas and Rishi and performed all the jata sanskar karma initial birth rites. He order to decorate the house, roads, gates and cows. He donated generally Brahmins, Rishis and Poors. They all sang, dance and celebrated the occasion of new born with much pump and show. All blessed the child for a bright future.

           Putana, after killing so many infants on the way finally reached Gopa and searched for new born baby. Just on her arrival , Rohini and Yosada being surprised with her beauty handed over the child to his lap and Putana, the devil inserted her breast coated with the deadly poison into the mouth of the child. But, Krishna the Lord of the Universe sucked her life with milk, with much pain she ran away with the child , come to her original form and died on the way.

           When the death news of Putana was communicated to Kansa, he became more thoughtful. He could not believe the incident. In a series he send demons to kill Krishna.

           One day Yasoda placed Krishna in a cradle and put the cradle under a cart. When she was busy in other work she could not pay any attention to his child. Krishna cried loudly but could not drag her attention. At the same time a demon Sakatasura sent by Kansa appeared and seeing the under the cart he perched over the cart unseen which only Krishna could see. He smiled and pushed the cart by his foot. The cart was overturned and broken in to pieces killing the demon. Similarly, once when Yasoda placed Krishan in the ground. He was snatched away by Trinabarta who disappeared in the sky carrying the child over his soulder. Soon Krishna become heavier than mountain and weigh down the demon and finally his body was thrown in to pieces.

           Krishna with his elder brother Balarama not only proved themselves strong and mighty but also naughty and mischievous. He with his brother and other children engaged in stealing milk and other milkmaid products from others house. Everybody in Gopa loved them but it was not fare on part of Krishan as he happens to be son of the Head of Gopa. So everybody complained his misdeeds before Yasoda and she was forced to punished her beloved child. Once after receiving a good number of complaints from other milkmaids, Yasoda tied up Krishna in a twin tree named Arjuna. When Krishna touched the tree with his foot both the trees were uprooted and fallen on the ground. A thundering sound was created with the fall of the trees and everybody were panic in Gopapura. Two Gods named Nalakuber and Manigreeba emerged out of the trees and bowed down their heads before Lord Krishna and went to heaven.

           Now Krishna and Balarama are grown up and went to Vrindaban for the grazing of the calves. They played hide and seek game over the sandy bank of river Yamuna. Whilegrazing on the river bank a demon called Vatsasura appeared being ordered by Kansa in form of a calf well mixed up with the calves. Krishna came to know about it. He went to the calf and holding the hinds, legs rotate the calf and threw on the ground. The demon was killed. As per plan of Kansa, Bakasura was sent who came in form of a crane. Krishna killed him and redeemed. Similarly while grazing calves near Kalindi, the snake demon Aghasura and swallowed all the cowboys and calves and so also Krishna and Balarama. In his stomach, Krishna started to expand his body and the respiratory system of the demon chocked and died out of pain. After the death of the demon, Krishna, Balarama along with other boys and calves came out of the stomach and dance with pleasure. All the Gods of heaven after death of each demon presented flowers from heaven as a token of gratitude to Lord Krishna.

           Once Brahma, the creator of the Universe being surrounded by illusion wanted to test the real power of Krishna. He disappeared all the calves, cows and cowherds. Finding all missing, Krishna came to know the evil work of Brahma and he divided himself in to two parts. In one part he remained as before and with the other part he created cows, calves and cowherds. Nobody could able to know his maya. Krishna and Balarama returned to Gopa as usual. Days passed. When Brahma once realized the incident, he came with all the cows, calves and cowherds. But to his utter surprise he could see all of them present at Vrindabana. He could realized the power of Lord Krishna and felt ashamed. When Brahma was so overpowered with the illusion, Lord Krishna then removed his illusion and appeared before him with his true form. Because of his devotion to the lord, he could be able to see the divine sight. Brahma came down from his chariot and held his head down before the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.

           Once Krishna and Balarama came near to Talavana, the place of Dhenukasura when Balarama picked fruits from the Talavana the demon appeared in form of a donkey. The immensely valorous Balarama caught hold of the hind legs of the demon and threw him to a long distance. The demon appear in his original form and attack Balarama with his sharp horns. There was fire lightening between Krishna , Balarama  and Dhenukasura. Finally the demon was killed by Balarama.

           Once Krishna went to the place where Kaliya Naga, a deadly serpent resided in the deep water of Yamuna consuming the water converted to poison many cows, calves and cowherds died on the spot. Lord Krishna wanted to drive them out of the place and to make water drinkable. So he jumped into   water seen the adventure of a human being . Kalia appeared with his hundred heads roaring with angle.  He, with his hundred heads coiled round Krishna and started to bite him and injected his badly poison. Krishna then jump over the heads of Kalia and started dancing on his heads. Finally Kalia surrendered before Lord Krishna and prayed for his life. Krishna was pleased with his prayer and allow him to move to a safe place.

           Every year in Gopa, Nanda and all his followers perform a yagnya for Indra but Krishna advised them not to worship Indra but Govardhan, the mountain. He pleaded that the God of Rain i.e. Indra is not responsible for rain but the mountain of Govardhan is responsible. So Indra became furious and started pouring water from sky every where there was lightening , thunder and storm like pralaya, the final destruction.  Every body was afraid of their lives but Krishna was not upset. He uprooted Gobardhan and asked them to take shelter under the mountain with cows and calves. All follow the instructions of Lord Krishna. Indra causes rain for seven days but finally he could not do any harm to the inhabitance of Gopa. So he came to realize the power of and surrendered before him.

           Srikrishna had ardent love for Radha & other Gopangana, milkmaids. They all wanted Krishna as their lover. So Krishna devided himself as per the number of his beloveds. This was called famous Rasaleela. All of them were adorned with flower garlands and clad with beautiful garments. All decorated themselves with precious ornaments. Lord Krishna performed divine dance with the damsels. He made love with all as they longed for ages. Their desires were fulfilled. They were engrossed in bliss.

           Once Krishna and Balaram were plying with their friends. The condition of the game was that the defeated one is to carry the winner on his back like a horse. The demon Prulambasura reached there in form of a cowherd boy. Others could not recognize him but Krishna and Balaram could recognized his true identity. He was sent by Kansa to kill Krishna and Balaram. In the game Balaram won and he was to be carried by on of the cowherd boys. But no body came forward to carry him, as physically Balaram was stronger than them. At that time Prulambasura came forward and took Balaram on his back like a horse. As per the rule of the game he was to carry him upto certain point. But the demon did not stop at the fixed point, rather after crossing the point he got his original form and rushed towards Mathura with Balaram on his solder. Balaram could know his evil intention and become enlarged. He struck him with a powerful fist over his head and his head was broken into pieces.

           Once Krishna and Balaram with other cowherds boys grazing their cattle in the forest near the bank of river Yamuna. Suddenly the fire broke in the forest engulfing the cowherd boys and their cattle. All shouted for help and Krishna came forward to protect  them. Krishna with his divine power consumed the fire flames and saved their lives. One Krishna played on his flute before the sunrise and listening to the sweet sound of the flute all the cattle follow him to forest and cowherds boy allow them. As in Gopa all were sleeping, the cowherds boys could not bring any food with them. In the midday all felt hungry and asked Krishna for food. Krishna sent the boys to the heritage of the sage Angirasa asking for some food. But as the sage with others were engaged in performing Yagnya,  they did not  listen to their prayer. So again Krishna sent the boys to their wives and immediately the wives  sages oblised to their prayer. The wives of sages, Brahmins came to Krishna with sumptuous foods and all enjoyed a grant feast. The Brahmins desire to stay with Krishna but Krishna order them to go back home. They felt blissful and left the place bowing in reverence to him.

           Finally Kansa sent Kesisura in form of horse to kill Krishna at Gopa. Krishna fought with him and holding his hind legs threw him to a long distance. But the arrogant Kesi did not accept his defeat and again attacked Krishna and was defeated again. Finally Kishna put his hand in his mouth and stretched to his belly.   With his devine power Krishna increased the size of his head in his mouth and as a result of which he was chocked and his belly was burst.

           Kansa’s all efforts to kill Krishna failed, he arranged Dhanuyatra, show of the sacred bow which symbolizes ones strength. He sent Akrura, one of his wisest Minister to bring Krishna. His plan was to invite Krishna and Balarama and all Yadavas  to Mathura in pretext of seeing Dhanuyatra and kill them by great wrestlers and trained elephants. So Akrura was not happy to be a part of such treacherous planning. But as he knew the real identity of Krishna as incarnation of Lord Bishnu who has come to the earth to kill Kansa he was eager to meet him. So finally he agreed with Kansa and went to Gopa to bring Krishna and Balaram. Krishan and Balaram welcomed Akrura at the bank of the river Jamuna. Akrura desired to clarify his doubt regarding appropriation of the incarnation . Krishna could know the mind of Akrura. Sitting on his chariot he ordered Akrura to take a dip in Jamuna. Akrura, while taking a dip in Jamuna river could see Krishna in the water. This sight made him surprised. Then he looked at the chariot and saw Krishna is sitting with Balaram. So again he took a dip and again saw Krishna in the water. Again he came out of water, saw Krishna on chariot and again inside the water. So he could realise that Krishna was really the Brahman.

           Akrura was not greeted  ordinarily at Gopapura. Nobody , Nanda & Jasoda, Radha or Gopanganas, Gopals or Gopal Boys were happy for such invitation. They could see the foul play or wicked Kansa behind such extravenges. All started to protest Krishna and Balaram finally soface them to be back after four days. They will fail the plans  of Kansa and came back victories.

           Next morning Krishna and Balaram got in to Akrura’s chariot. They were  accompanied by other cowherd boys. Nanda and other senior members with their kith and kin left for Mathrua separately. All rested at Madhuvana.

           When Krishna and Balkaram were moving in streets of Mathura they came across a washerman who used to wash the royal clothes. He was quite arrogant and intoxicated with pride. Krishna, Balaram and other cowherd boys wanted some cloth from him but he denied and used harsh wards for Krishna. So Krishna playfully put and end to the life of washerman and used the royal cloths for attending the famous Dhanuyatra. On the way they also made the royal gardeners. Sudama and Hunch backed Kubja. Sudama bowed before two brothers and offered flowers. He garlanded Krishna and Balaram with fragrant  flowers and bowed at their feat. Krishna blessed the gardener and bestowed in the eternal devotion. Similarly Kubja put sandal paste on them and decorated their bodies with love and devotion. Krishna lifted her up holding her chin and invigorated her body. She at once turned into a beautiful damsel. Krishna with Balarama and other cowherd boys moved to Kansa’s Dhanuyatra. He went to Dhanu Mandap, the place where the divine was kept. It was quite a gigantic one. It looked like the rainbow and five thousand people could  drag to the stage. Earlier it was given to Parsuram by Shiva subsequently to Yadu king by Parsuram. Since then nobody could use it. Krishna looked at the bow which looked like a coiled serpent. In full view of all the citizens of Mathuara,  Krishna lifted up the bow with both his hands and broke it as a sugarcane is broken by the  elephants. With the breaking of the bow a thundering sound echoed the entire universe. Kansa sitting as his throne could imagine his end with such heart throbbing sound. Immediately Kansa called his elephants wrestlers and there was a fierce fighting between them. The elephant rider instigated the elephant Kubalayapitha to kill Krishna but Krishna caught hold the elephant by its trunk. Both the brothers rotating the elephant in the air and threw the elephant on the ground and killed. Simultaneously one after one seven elephants attacked the two brothers but non of them could escape. Then the wrestlers Chanura and Mustika came forward one after another. Both were defeated and finally killed.

           Now Kansa could see his predicted mortal enemy was before him. He pulled out his sword and slashed at Krishna. But he could not hit Krishna. But Krishna, catching him by his loose hairs flung him down from the dais into the wrestling arena. Kansa fought with Krishna for some time but ultimately was defeated and killed. After killing Kansa Krishna moved towards prison, freed his parents and finally made Ugrasena the king of Mathura.

           This part of Krishna’s life, his childhood was eventful. Simultaneously at his youth he became the center   of polity of Aryabata, Bharat i.e. India. He also acted as the main hero of the Mahabharata war. Till his departure from earth he influenced and controled every thing around him.