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                         The district of Bargarh occupies an important place in the tourist map of Orissa for its lush green Forest, beautiful hills, colorful wildlife, enchanting water facts, ancient moments, handloom and handicraft and rich folk culture. Hieun Tsang, the Famous Chinese pilgrim of 7th century A.D. paid a visit to this Land and his account speaks about the Flourishing Buddhist university of po�lo-mo-lo-k-li which had its campus on the summit of the Gandarmadhan hill of the district.

Identification Tourist Destination in the District

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The town of Bargarh which is the present district headquarter is located on the bank of the river Zira. The surrounding irrigated green paddy fields enhance the beauty of the area and keep the atmosphere cool even in summer. The place is well connected with N.H. No-6 with a number of large industries all around it. Bargarh is also the main center of famous Sambalpur Tie and Dye Work the main center of famous Dhanuyatra during the last eleven days of the month of Pouse (Dec-Jan)

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Located at a distance of 110 kms from the district headquarter, Nrusinghanath is a major Tourist destinations in the district. The temple of Nrusinghanath belonging to the 15th century A.D is a masterpiece of temple architecture in Orissa. The place is also important for the famous near by Gandhamardhan hill, still full with medical hubs and the sacred papaharan stream, which has created a series of falls and pools while descending down the hill. The presiding diety of the place is vidala Nrusinga, Who gets worship, has in the form of an animal with the face of a cat and the body of lion. This iconography of the Supreme Lord is very unique. The ground Nrutya chaturdasi mela of Nrusinghanath, celebrated in baishaka (April-May) offers the rare opportunity to visitors to have a glimpse of culture of this area. Further Nrusinghanath provides the base camp for the trekkers for having tracking in the Gandhamardhan Range.


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The Debrigarh Wild Life Sanctuary is situated on the right bank of the famous Hirakud Dam Reservoir in the district. It is a unique place for flora and fauna and winter shelter for migrating bird. The Sanctuary covers an area of 346-90 sq. Kms and is mainly full of deciduous forest with salia bamboo and sal forest. The reservoir water on the outside and the dense forest on the outside provide a healthy habitat for the wildlife. Among the mammals, Tiger, Leopard, Bison, Bear, Wild Bear, Spotted deer, Chonsingha, Nilagai, Sambar, Langur etc are very common in the century Among the bird available in the sanctuary mention may be made of pea fowl, Eagle, Heron, Stork, Partridge, Dove, Parakeet, Maina, Crow, Duck etc. The Forest Department has developed an Eco-Tourism Center inside the Sanctuary for the lovers of natures.

                    The Barabakhra Cave located in the Debrigarh hill is on added attraction here. The cave, once a retreat shelter of veer surendra sai, the great freedom fighter has the capacity to accommodate around 400 people.



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Located at a distance of 19 Kms from Bargarh Bhatli is famous for its Dadhi Vamana Temple. It is a unique Jagannath Temple in Orissa because on the Ratna Vedi Lord Jagannath is not found seated with Lord Balaram and Goddess Subhadra. Satihari, a woman devotee of the Lord in the first quarter of 20th century scarified herself for the safety of the lord and after her sad demise people started worshipping her on the Ratnavedi along with Lord Jagannath.



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It is an attractive hill in the district. The hillock is historically famous, as it had become the shelter house of the forces of Veer Surendra Sai, the great Freedom Fighter. At a height of about 400 feet there is a beautiful valley, which is surrounded by his on all sides.



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Ganiapali is a Buddhist site in the district and Few Buddhist sculptures are still found here. It is 73 Kms from Bargarh.



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Located at a distance of 19 Kms from Bargarh. Barpali is Famous for it has been carrying a rich cultural heritage of the past. Barpali is virtually the main center of Sambalpuri Textile and it has produced a number of world class weaving craftsmen. Barpali is also the birth place of the great poet Gangadhar Meher and the well preserved house of the poet is an added attraction for the visitors at Barpali.

          Barpali is also known for its terracotta craft. Now the department of Tourism, Govt. of Orissa is developing the place as a Rural Tourism Center.



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Located at a distance of 91 Kms from Bargarh, the place is an important picnic spot in the district. It is a picturesque George on the river Surangi. The Dhabaleswar Siva Temple near it is an added attraction for the visitors.



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Gaisima is located at a distance of 13 Kms form Bargarh and is famous for the temple of lord Balunkeswar Siva who is regarded as one of the Asta-Sambhus in Western Orissa.



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Chikhili is located at a distance of 50 Kms form Bargarh and it is an ideal picnic spot in the district.

                    In addition to the above identified Tourist spots, the district of Bargarh has few other places having high tourism potential.  Among these places mention may be made of Kedarnath Temple at Ambabana, Baidyanatha Temple at Deogarh, Swapneswar Temple at Sorna, Visweswar Temple at Saranda and Nilkantheswar at Nilji.