Debrigarh wild life Sanctuary

The Debrigarh Wild Life Sanctuary is situated on the right bank of the famous Hirakud Dam Reservoir in the district. It is a unique place for flora and fauna and winter shelter for migrating bird. The Sanctuary covers an area of 346-90 sq. Kms and is mainly full of deciduous forest with salia bamboo and sal forest. The reservoir water on the outside and the dense forest on the outside provide a healthy habitat for the wildlife. Among the mammals, Tiger, Leopard, Bison, Bear, Wild Bear, Spotted deer, Chonsingha, Nilagai, Sambar, Langur etc are very common in the century Among the bird available in the sanctuary mention may be made of pea fowl, Eagle, Heron, Stork, Partridge, Dove, Parakeet, Maina, Crow, Duck etc. The Forest Department has developed an Eco-Tourism Center inside the Sanctuary for the lovers of natures.

The Barabakhra Cave located in the Debrigarh hill is on added attraction here. The cave, once a retreat shelter of veer surendra sai, the great freedom fighter has the capacity to accommodate around 400 people.