Located at a distance of 110 kms from the district headquarter, Nrusinghanath is a major Tourist destinations in the district. The temple of Nrusinghanath belonging to the 15th century A.D is a masterpiece of temple architecture in Orissa. The place is also important for the famous near by Gandhamardhan hill, still full with medical hubs and the sacred papaharan stream, which has created a series of falls and pools while descending down the hill. The presiding diety of the place is vidala Nrusinga, Who gets worship, has in the form of an animal with the face of a cat and the body of lion. This iconography of the Supreme Lord is very unique. The ground Nrutya chaturdasi mela of Nrusinghanath, celebrated in baishaka (April-May) offers the rare opportunity to visitors to have a glimpse of culture of this area. Further Nrusinghanath provides the base camp for the trekkers for having tracking in the Gandhamardhan Range.